We can examine for the IP Address of the hosting server of any server. With this, we can observe the IP Address of each site like Facebook, Twitter, and countless more popular sites. You can have its IP address and various more essence through a lookup IP method. There are following 4 methods to find IP address of any website:

1) Using Command Prompt

  • Before finding IP Address of any website, make sure you have a internet connection in your system.
  • Now open to ‘Command Prompt‘ by typing ‘cmd‘ in Win+R.
  • Now you have to type ‘ping‘ and then the website name to find IP Address. For Ex: ping hitrick.wordpress.com
  • Now press Enter and you will see a IP near ‘Ping Statistics for‘. This will be your website’s IP Address.

ip address cmd

2) Using Terminal (For MAC and Linux only)

  • The terminal is like Command Prompt in Windows but it is only for MAC and Linux. You can open Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T at a time.
  • After the terminal is opened, you have to type ping -c1 then your site name. For Ex: ping -c1 hitrick.wordpress.com.
  • Now press Enter and IP Address of that website will be there.

3) Using Network Utility (For MAC only)

  • First search and open ‘Network Utility‘ in your MAC OS.
  • There will be a ‘Ping‘ tab over there. Click on it and type the website to find IP Address of it.


  • Press blue ‘Ping‘ button and you will get IP Address of that website.

4) Using WHOIS System

You can also use WHOIS data to find the IP Address of any website. Normally, users use WHOIS to find IP address of their desired websites. You can visit any public website like whois.net or networksolutions.com to find the complete details about the website.


5) Using a Third Party Website

There are many online websites which render you the IP address of the server of any site without using any software or any command. You just have to paste or type the URL of the site which you want to look for the IP address and the site will provide you with the full details of the site.

i) Site24x7
  • Open the site http://www.site24x7.com and paste the URL of any website for IP Address search.
  • Click on ‘Test Now‘ button and it will provide IP Address of that website very quickly.


ii) iPinfo
  • Move to ipinfo.com and type the IP Address of a website which you want to search for IP Address.
  • Click on ‘GO‘ and it will show the IP Address of that website.