First you must have to know what is an IP Address? The IP Address of a device connected to a network. It is a 32-bit address given to a device. The IP Address alters with the change in network. However it is a network oriented code still you can change it whether you have Windows OS or Mac OS.

Before changing it, you have to check what is your IP Address of your System’s Network. To check it just open ‘Command Prompt‘ and type ipconfig in it and you will see some  information like this:

The information in front of IPv4 Address is your system’s IP Address

Now follow the given steps to change IP Address:

For Windows OS

  • First go to ‘Start‘ and open ‘Control Panel‘ and choose option ‘Network and Sharing Center‘ (See Below)


  • Now in next window, choose option ‘Change Adapter Settings‘ on left side of the window. (See Below)


  • Now in next window, you have to right click on that network which you are currently being connected. Then choose ‘Properties‘. (As below)


  • Now a separate tab will open where you have to double click on option ‘Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv4)


  • A final window will open where you have to choose option ‘Use the following IP address‘. Now type a IP address which you want to set. Tick on Validate button and then click on OK. (Like below)


  • That’s done! you have changed your IP Address. To revert back. just tick on option ‘Obtain an IPv6 address automatically‘ in last step.


  • Click on ‘Apple‘ logo at the right top corner of the desktop and choose option ‘System Preferences‘. (Like Below)


  • A tab will open. Select the Network Icon over there.


  • Now select that network which you are currently connected. Then click on ‘Advanced‘ button that will be in grey color.


  • Now in next window select TCP/IP tab at the top. (See Below)


  • Now select option ‘Manually‘ in drop-down list of option ‘Configure IPv4‘. (Like below)


  • Now in last tab you have to enter that IP Address you want to set as. Also you have to enter ‘Subnet Mask‘ there.


  • Now finally click on OK button and close the current screen.
  • That’s done! You have successfully changed the IP Address in MAC OS. To revert back all these settings, just change ‘Manually’ option to your existing network in second last step.