Hide Hard Drive

Usually when we have to hide any drive from our system, we use any secondary app that can harm our system and can steal our private info. But do ever know that you can do this by using simple commands in Command Prompt? For this you have to type simple commands that can easily hide/unhide your drives.

How to Hide Drives?

  • First go to ‘Start‘ and type ‘Command Prompt‘ and this right click on that and choose ‘Run as Administrator
  • The cmd window will open where you have to type Diskpart and press Enter.
  • After this you have to type list volume and press Enter.


  • Now you can see all your drives existing in your system. Find the drive which you want to hide from your system. Suppose I want to hide drive E: which has volume no. 1 so I have to type Select Volume 1 and press Enter.
  • Now you will see a message for selection of Volume 1. Now you have to type Remove Letter E and have to press Enter.
  • After pressing Enter wait for some seconds until it will not show the message for removal of drive.


  • Now move to ‘My Computer‘ and see your drive E has been hide from your system.

How to Unhide Drive?

  • To move back the hided drive just repeat the process of above method till Step 5.
  • Now type Assign Letter E and press Enter.
  • Wait until you can get the confirmation message for moving back the drive.


  • Now move to ‘My Computer‘ and see that your drive has been visible now.