Today every person who deals with computer work must have deal with data transfer between two computers. Also today there are lots of viruses that have been present which can come into your computer through Pen-Drive. So it is necessary to format your Pen-Drive time to time. You can do this from Command Prompt. There are following two methods to do this:

First Method: Quick Format

  • First insert your Pen-Drive. Then check the assigned drive letter of your pen-drive (whether it is J: G: or H:) because you have to specify the drive name in cmd.
  • Now press Win+R, type cmd and press Enter . The command prompt window will open.
  • Now type following command as it is:

format/q/x H:

where q is the parameter stands for quick format, x parameter forces the selected volume to dismount if required and H: is the drive name, you have to replace it form your drive name.

  • After typing command, press Enter and it will show a message ‘Insert new disk for drive H: and press Enter when ready‘. So again press Enter.
  • Now the process of formatting your pen-drive or USB will be started. Wait until it can not be completed 100%.
  • Now you will able to see a message like ‘Initializing the file allocation table (FAT)…. Volume label (11 characters, Enter for none)?’ which means format has been completed and waiting for your confirmation.
  • So press Enter last time, and it will show a screen that your pen-drive has been formatted like this:


Second Method: Using Location of Drive

  • This method is more easy as compared to previous method but it takes more time to format the pen-drive.
  • First press Win+R and type cmd and then Enter.
  • Now type format x: where x: is the name of the drive for your pen-drive.
  • Now it will ask you to insert the pen-drive. If you have already connected it to your computer, simply hit Enter.
  • Now in next step, you have to wait for the process to complete. This process takes long to format. in this step.